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17 Oct 2017
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Experience Kauai

Saturdays are one of the best days of the week anywhere, let alone on one of the most gorgeous and pristine places in the world–Kauai. The work week is over and everyone is looking for something special and extra fun to do. Here we share some of our top choice ways for you to spend your Saturday on the Garden Island.

#1 Kauapea Beach – aka Secret Beach

Secret Beach is private, scenic and vast. Every Hawaiian island seems to have its own "secret" beach which can also mean "clothing optional," (which, for the record, is technically illegal but the law is rarely enforced). Kauapea can be accessed via trail and stretches about 3000 feet along Kauai's north shore. Check out the for Android or iPhone for directions.

#2 Lihue Barbeque Inn

If you are hoping to grind on some local, delish and legendary Kauai fare, stop in at Lihue Barbeque Inn. Seventy years in the making, this historic restaurant serves up renowned eats and while you enjoy your meal, you can theorize on how it got its name. You will find no barbeque menu items and to this day, the owners are still trying to solve the mystery of where the name came from.

#3 Kauai Community Market

Every Saturday, you can truck on over to the Kauai Community Market, just south of Lihue. Here you will find unique vendors, diverse garden items and delightful local foods. Meet farmers, learn new ways to use ingredients, and enjoy your Saturday in the sun. 9:30am-1pm.

#4 Salt Pond Beach

Salt Pond Beach Park on the south side gets its name from the site being used in the traditional practice of salt making. It is also a great beach for families with children. Rock ridges on either side of the beach create a natural lagoon, perfect for small children and swimming. Have fun picnicking, swimming, and sharing memories. Check out the Kauai Revealed App for Android or iPhone for directions.