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17 Oct 2017
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Experience Kauai

5. Leave the GPS at Home

Get lost intentionally. If you're visiting for the first time you probably don't even have to try. Ninety nine percent of the street names on Kauai are in Hawaiian. The Hawaiian alphabet has 13 letters, 5 of them vowels. Have a little fun. Street signs at intersections begin to look like improperly dealt Scrabble tiles. Why not right? After all, it's Sunday. And you're on vacation. Kauai is practically a perfect circle so you won't be lost for long. At some point you're bound to end up in the right spot, or at least where you started. Chances are you're never far from "The Highway," because there is really only one highway you need to find when you're on Kauai. Just be safe and mind the other cars on the road, and have fun! Be ready for anything; you're bound to stumble across some amazing adventures!

4. Sit in a public place with a Pidgin translation guidebook.

Pidgin is the English dialect spoken by long time locals on all the islands. The first time I heard a couple guys having a conversation in Pidgin I would have wagered a large sum of money it was NOT the english language, or any derivative thereof. But once I concentrated and listened really carefully, sure enough, it was. Have you ever wondered where the saying braddah came from or what the phrase Da Kine actually means? Have some fun with it, and try not to bodda any da mokes, unless you like beef!

3. Take a boat trip to the Napali Coast

The Na Pali coast conjures continuous feelings of immense awe. The absolute majesty of Kauai's' Na Pali Coast would have made the list as one of the natural wonders of the world if they knew Hawaii existed when the list was compiled. The commanding majesty will leave your mouth agape and some facet of your spiritual being redefined. A Sunday not soon forgotten.

2. Visit The Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Or maybe the Grand Canyon is the Waimea Canyon of the mainland? Either way, Waimea Canyon is not to be missed, and what better day to be stunned by its beauty than a Sunday?


1. Do nothing!

Perhaps the best option is to do absolutely nothing. Grab the spouse, a cooler, a blanket, plenty of sunscreen, and go find somewhere beautiful to do nothing. If you're taking the critters be sure to keep tabs on them.

Sunday, or any day for that matter, is a special day on Kauai. If you're on your way here just wait and see. If you've already been den no need explain em bra. Already know.