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16 Oct 2017
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Kauai is an island of breathtaking beauty, and is visited by people from all over the world. Because it is such a popular destination, if you're living on a vegan diet or just want to do a "cleanse" while on vacation, we have good news–finding places on Kauai that serve vegan food is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, the island is nearly overflowing with options. If this is your first time on Kauai and you haven't found a helpful guide to vegan food, look no further.

#1 Beach House Restaurant

This open air restaurant boasts a scenic, picturesque view, and has won several awards 15 years in a row. Whether you want to savor the local cuisine with an assortment of wines or other alcohol or you want to enjoy a quiet, romantic meal with your loved one as you watch the sun go down, this is the place to be. It boasts a Pacific Rim cuisine with Asian influence, and offers delicious vegetarian and gluten-free options.

#2 Papaya's Natural Foods and Café

This eatery boasts a marvelous selection of food, and is full of healthy vegetarian and vegan options. The taro burger and tempeh wraps come highly recommended, and will be readily prepared according to your dietary requirements.

Accompany your food with some fantastic vegan smoothies. Although the salad bar, according to many patrons, leaves something to be desired, the available options still taste fantastic. The Reuben sandwich is also highly recommended, and a large selection of seasonal fruits is available throughout the year. There is something here for everyone, so you and your family can enjoy the perfect meal at this café.

#3 Chef George of Da Jungle

This place boasts fantastic Greek and Hawaiian food, especially of the vegetarian and vegan kind. This food truck serves a range of gastronomic food, including excellent falafels, sandwiches dressed in dried seaweed, and regular fries as well as sweet potato fries, among a host of other options.

For variety, try the bread fruit fries, and make sure you don't leave Kauai without trying out the organic shave ice made by the chef couple, which is highly recommended by all customers who have tried it. The perfect time to check out this food truck would be when you and your family are taking a short lunch break on an otherwise busy day spent sightseeing and shopping.

#4 Gopal's Creperie

With its healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options, Gopal's Creperie is perfect for any meal. Especially if you're looking for the perfect place to enjoy a lazy Saturday brunch, look no further. The crepes are stuffed with filling made from locally grown produce, organic and non-GMO, and are served fresh and hot. The seemingly endless gourmet options will leave you spoilt for choice. The eatery also boasts freshly made vegan ice-cream and sorbets, for when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

#5 The Coconut Cup

The Coconut Cup is open for breakfast, and you can start your day by ordering one of their delicious smoothies. Alternatively, you can have a large, delicious breakfast of fresh greens and organic apples, carrots, walnuts, and locally grown avocado. Pair this up with some fresh juice, often infused with ginger and turmeric, and you could not have asked for a better way to begin your day. Even the coffee served here is organic, so whether you want to drop by for a latte or want some good vegan takeaway, this is the perfect place.

#6 Kickshaws

Kickshaws is a food truck that offers a range of gourmet foods, and they cater to a vegan or vegetarian customer base. Their food is delicious and cooked using several rather unique methods. Try their vegan sandwiches, which like all their other dishes, are paired with some tasty potato chips and grilled broccoli.