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A lūʻau is a Hawaiʻian celebration. This festivity is a celebration of ʻohana (family) with food, drinks, music, and dance.

The meals include copious amounts of the traditional dishes such as shredded kālua Pig that has been roasted for 6-10 hours, teriyaki beef or chicken, fresh fish, various side dishes and desserts (often including haupia – a coconut pudding or cake.)

This buffet has enough to fit anyone pallet and plate. The lūʻau is complimented by Polynesian dancing for entertainment from the heart of the islands. If you've never attended a lūʻau before, we can recommend our absolute favorites to you for a great rate.

‘Auli‘i Lū‘au at Sheraton Kauaʻi Resort
Experience new and tempting tastes of Polynesia while you behold the hula dancers of award-winning Urahutia as they bring to life the storied past of old Hawaii. Thrill as the pahu drums throb to the pulse of the surf only yards away as the ʻAuliʻi's Fire-Knife Dancers take the stage and electrify the night with their whirling torches, as you sip a delicious cocktail and savor the finale and say to yourself, "This is why I came to the Islands."

Lūʻau Kalamaku
Experience a Hawaiʻian lūʻau on Kauaʻi like no other with three great packages catered to give you the most out of your Lūʻau Kalamaku adventure. Operating every Tuesday and Friday, join them for a night filled with fire dancers, graceful hula and delicious food all under the beautiful tropical Kauaʻi night skies.

Lūʻau Makaʻiwa – Courtyard Kauai at Coconut Beach
Held just steps away from the ocean on Kauaʻi's beautiful east shore, Lūʻau Makaʻiwa invites you to immerse yourself in Hawaiʻian and Polynesian culture and experience Kauaʻi's most exciting and authentic lūʻau. It is a musical and culinary journey of Hawaiʻi and other Polynesian islands.

Smith's Garden Lūʻau
Over 60 years ago, Walter Smith, Sr. and his wife Emily started this company on the Wailua River with a small rowboat and a borrowed outboard motor. Today, four generations later, the Smith family continues to welcome kamaʻāina and malihini alike to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Kauaʻi and the Wailua River Valley.

Tahiti Nui Lūʻau
The Tahiti Nui has brought back their wonderful lūʻau experience which captures the essence of Hanalei with their tribute to the legendary Aunty Louise. The Tahiti Nui has kept the pulse of Hawaiʻian Music alive and thriving on Kauaʻi since 1963.