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Hanapepe Swinging Bridge

Honolulu Civil Beat gives historical insight into the revitalization of Hanapēpē town on Kauaʻi's west side.

Once the economic hub of Kauai, Hanapēpē was where you’d go in the early 1900s if you wanted to buy a car, clothes, jewelry, the latest home

‘ūkēkē musician

Asked to name a stringed instrument form Hawaiʻi, most people think of the ukulele. However, the ukulele arrived in the archipelago by way of Portuguese immigrants. Hawaiʻi's only indigenous stringed instrument is the ‘ūkēkē, a strip of wood with three strings and played using the...

Hanalei taro fields

Read about the history and future of kalo (taro) cultivation in Hawaiʻi. Kalo is the root vegetable that the traditional Hawaiian staple poi is made from. The largest kalo farms are located here on Kauaʻi, in Hanalei.

From the New York Times: