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The island of Kauaʻi has some of the best surf in the world. Kauaʻi has large swells on the north shore during winter time. However during the summer the south shore has fun sized surf that is more forgiving for the beginner. During either time of the year you can almost always find somewhere to surf on Kauaʻi.

Titus Kinimaka School Of Surfing
Surf lessons are affordable, perfect for all ages and fun for the entire family. The Kinimaka family is here to share the gift of surfing. Their unique style of teaching was developed by Titus Kinimaka during his four and half decades of surfing. His training techniques are used exclusively by HSS instructors and are guaranteed to increase your level of surfing style and grace. Lessons include the use of a soft surfboard with rash guard provided. Lessons are an hour and a half with groups rates available.