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17 Oct 2017
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Experience Kauai

Endless beaches, ocean views, and lagoons: Kauai features the perfect landscape for sunsets. To help you have the most memorable, magical Kauai sunset experiences possible, we prepared this insider's guide. Enjoy!

The Best Times to Catch the Perfect Sunset, Year Round

Summers in Hawaii are an extravagant treat of warm sunshine, tropical temperatures and nearly perfect weather. Winters offer relatively moderate temperatures, whale watching, and... more amazing sunsets! You can't go wrong. South beaches are best viewed during winter seasons while summers on the North Shore beaches are typically picture-perfect. On Kauai, just make sure you're far enough north to watch the sun melt into the Pacific. As for the timing, expect sunsets around 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm during winters, and between 7:15 and 7:25 pm in the summer. For today's sunset time, simply Google "Sunset."

The Locations That Make it Magical

1. The Kilauea Lighthouse

Of the numerous incredible experiences to be had on Kauai, watching a sunset from the Kilauea lighthouse is one of those experiences which will linger on in your mind long after the moment is past. As you stand there above the shoreline and watch the sun slowly descend into the azure seas, you can feel the cool trade winds on your face, listen to the soaring seabirds singing nearby, and bask in the glowing happiness that only a magical sunset can provide.

2. Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay offers some of the most enchanting views of a sunset, particularly in summer and fall when the weather and conditions are just perfect in this crescent shaped, golden bay. In the very center of the bay you can find a great spot at "the Pavilions," easily identifiable from the George Clooney movie – "The Descendants".

3. Poipu Beach

As one of the calmest and best beaches along the South Beach, Poipu is the kind of beach heaven where you could live forever in a state of perpetual bliss. With its swimming, diving, snorkeling opportunities, and nearby spas, it's the perfect location for a calming sunset view. The spouting blow-horn along the shore makes for a perfect foreground to your picture.

4. Polihale Beach

Imagine a glistening golden beach miles and miles long, extending into the dark blue ocean which melts into the purplish and reddish hues of the sunset: a kind of perfect sunset that you can only normally only dream of, or see on expensive calendars. With the sunset casting a golden hue on the white sands along this shore, you can enjoy a romantic sunset engaged in a delightful exploration of beach shells and other simple treasures in life.

5. Shipwrecks Beach

At the very beginning of the hike which leads into the Mahalepeu Beach Heritage trail is this beautiful beach. This is the perfect place to enjoy sunsets in Kauai on the south shore.

6. Salt Pond Park

One of the best lagoons of Hawaii is located right here in Kauai, offering some of the best views during sunsets. While it is a popular swimming and fishing destination with its calm waters and amazing skyline, the view of the sun setting behind the beach is something worth travelling to Salt Park Pond for. Walk along the lagoon for a romantic experience you won't easily forget.

More Tips for Enjoying The Perfect Sunset

Sunsets in January usually take place slightly earlier than say in July, which means you should check the sunset time before you set off. Be ready at your spot at least an hour before the scheduled sunset time!
You'll want to have your camera and tripod ready, so make sure you go with your batteries fully charged!
An SPF protected, preferably water-proof and natural formula sunscreen lotion can help you enjoy breathtaking views while keeping you safe from skin damage.
Plan to stay at the beach for a while, pack in a perfect picnic lunch or just a bottle of wine, and enjoy all that Kauai sunsets offer.